Integrated Token for Various Religions


Start free religious activity with Talentoken. This project is supported by various religious organizations.


Concept of Talentoken and Talent™

Main Features

Features of Talentoken and Talent™

Any Religion, Anywhere

Participate in any religious activities anywhere using our dApp.

Transparent Offering Management

Every single transaction(offering, tithe, Puja, etc.) is stored in Blockchain.

Expand Your Religion

Register and propagate your religion. You can even make your own religious group.

ERC20 Token

ERC20-based token in Ethereum blockchain

Tokens used in various religious activities

It can be used for various religious activities such as offerings, missionary activities, and charity works.

Token Allocation

Allocation information about Talentoken

Token allocation
Revenue Usage

Usage information of ICO revenue

Revenue usage

Roadmap of Talent™

2017 Q4

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Develop ICO service

2018 Q1

  • January 18: Launch of ICO site
  • ICO process
    February 19, 2018 ~ April 29, 2018
  • Partnership with religious organizations
  • Launch TALENT site

2018 Q2

  • Develop TALENT and start beta service
  • Launch Christian service (beta)
  • Establish church planting in TALENT
  • List Talentoken on the exchange
  • Launch donation service using Talentoken

2018 Q3

  • Commence of religions services
  • Service mobile version

2018 Q4

  • Start charity services in TALENT
  • Introduction of Talentoken market service

2019 Q1

  • Localizing
  • Develop other services

Special Thanks


We are in the process of signing a business aggrement with number of international religious associations for Talentoken.

If you are religious organization's staff in charge and interested in our business, please contact us via our official email and get free tokens for partner.

Talentoken Whitepaper

Check all details in whitepaper.

Whitepaper (v1.5)

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